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Past clients have loved the look and overall atmosphere of Studio209 for their events which have ranged from wedding ceremonies and receptions to office holiday parties and day-long retreats. There are plenty of hotel type event spaces in Worcester but Studio209 offers something truly unique and intimate. Located on Shrewsbury Street, the space can be designed and customized to fit your event’s needs through personal tours. The Studio 209 has a waiting lounge for in the front and also a backyard Space.

Studio209 is available for Six consecutive hours. Additional hours can be added along with tables, chairs, linens, and audio/visual equipment to suit your needs and the atmosphere you desire for your event!



How many people can Studio209 hold?
Up to 110, depending on your needs and the layout. For instance, if you use 60″ round tables, the space can comfortably host 110 people. There is also a provision space for the dance floor, food tables and Bar Counter, after seating 110 people.


What caterer can we use in your space?
We currently have no need to limit what caterers you hire to serve in the studio, so it’s open to who you’d like. A few caterers who have associated with us and have been providing excellent service and food quality in the past.


What do we do for tables and chairs?
We have a selection of tables, chairs, Food table, Bar on Wheels, Table Linen, Skirting, Table Over lays, Chair Covers, available for rent. We do not allow furniture from outside vendors. We have access to 15 numbers of  60″ round tables, four 6′ tables, 120 black banquet chairs, six hightop cocktail tables, and a Surround system. Contact us for more details and rates for the above items.


Can we bring in a dj or band?
You certainly may! Many clients opt to just use our in-house sound system – we have five speakers mounted in the Side walls and a receiver where you can plug in your iPod or laptop. It works great for ambient music played during dinner and social hours or even for dances.


Is parking convenient by your space downtown?
We have ample parking all within a block of Studio209 on the Fantasia Dr Public Parking.  There’s street parking  off and across the street, and there’s also a parking lot in the DCU bank Complex. We also have a tie up with the Valet Parking service provider in case you opt for one.


Is there a Pantry ?
Yes there is a Pantry for warming your food. There is a Refrigerator, Owen, and a Microwave. No Cooking is allowed inside the premises.


Does the hall have air conditioning ?
Yes the party hall as well as the waiting lounge is Centrally air conditioned.


Can We use Outside Decorators?
You Certainly Can bring your decorators, but would like to politely remind that we would not allow any damage to the walls due to the usage of bonding adhesives/tapes.

Is there a Stage available?
Yes we can provide a 12" Stage/ high raise Platform if you require one on rental basis.

Can we use the waiting lounge area for eating food?
We Strictly do not permit food in the Waiting lounge area. The Waiting lounge area is meant for the hosts to greet and see off the guests. Its the responsibility of the host (renter) to make sure that the guest do not bring food and drink in the waiting lounge area.


Can We serve alcohol ?
Yes you are allowed to serve alcohol in moderation. Please make sure that the  guests are able to drive home after the party. It is the responsibility of the Host  to ensure that guests drink in moderation and that there are designated drivers who don’t drink and drive. It is also the responsibility of the Host (Renter) to NOT to Serve alcohol to any party member, under the age age of 21 years.


After the event, how should we leave the hall ?
We expect you to hand over the hall as you took it. The kitchen should be left without anything on the counters. The Spill over food is expected to be cleaned by the Host. The floor should be left in decent condition. The Flooring should be cleaned. Bathroom should be left in usable condition. The garbage bags should be securely tied and thrown away in the dumpster in the back of the building. Please do not leave any trash around the dumpster. Please place the garbage bags inside the dumpster. Please place the Furniture in the spot, as hand over to you. In Case the Host does not adhere to the above conditions, the Management will get the cleaning done from a service provider and deduct the cost from the Refundable Security Deposit. The Same rule applies to the damage to the property or the furniture being used by the Renter. We request all our patrons to be considerate of the others, who will be holding the next booking for the party hall.


Can We use the Surround System for Plug and Play?
The Surround System can be used but the rental charges must be paid by the Renter.

Do we need to bring our toilet Supplies?
No, You need not bring any supplies. We take care of them.


Can I have a tour of the party hall?
Yes, We certainly would like you to visit the party hall, with appointments.